A bitesize Bible experience

Through 15 minute sessions explore famous characters and events that form The Greatest Story Ever and discover how we can be part of it today. Simple to run. Fun. Free. No prior knowledge required. This family devotional course mixes online content (videos, readings, discussion) and printed cards to form a colourful learning experience in your own home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who can sit still and chat for a while. We think maybe age 6+. Try it out and let us know. Our children are 8,10 & 12. They have loved it. It’s for those who are totally new to the Bible and who’ve been on the journey for a while. Everyone needs to experience how it all fits together to form the greatest story ever.

Who developed this resource?

The Ollertons have been making it during the Coronavirus lockdown. We’ve designed a session each evening and road-tested it with our three kids over breakfast (and revise… and repeat). Charlotte’s a qualified youth worker with oodles of creativity - see the paintings on the cards. Andrew is a more boring-theologian-type. He works with Bible Society and is author of The Bible Course a small group resource.

Why did they make it?

Loads of adults who’ve done The Bible Course have been pleading for a version to do with their kids and Grandkids (well two or three at least). We didn’t have the time to do it. So our kids started making it themselves. Then Coronavirus kicked in and the rest is history.

Is this as good as it gets?

We hope not. We’ve thrown it together in the last three weeks, with massive help from our brother-in-law on web & digital stuff (thanks Rich!). So let us know ways to improve it and we’ll do our best.

How can I get in touch or give feedback?

At the bottom of each session page is a feedback option. Break it gently…

What’s next after finishing The Greatest Story Ever?

No idea! We haven’t finished making this yet. We’re building the plane whilst flying it.

Can I share it with others?

Sure thing. Please do!