Steps to get setup

  • Find a slot each day: About 15 mins. We did it after breakfast. But before bedtime could work well. Same time each day really helps. Before Joe Wicks?
  • Print and cut out the cards: below are links to the pdf for each set of cards. Print out the pdf in colour onto white card.
  • Set up a storyline: The cards could stand up on a window sill but we used some string and small suction cups. (We used these from Amazon.) Our storyline is strung up across the kitchen window.
  • Find a bible: we use the Good News Version
  • Do the first session: The Bible - The Greatest Story Ever

Sets of cards to print

The Greatest Story Ever has 40 sessions that are arranged into 10 sets. To get started print the ‘Beginnings’ pdf. Then the rest as and when.

How each session works

The cards tag to the online content through a QR code. Point your camera phone at the QR code and it should pop up.

Each session follows the same pattern:

  • Review it: Someone talks through the cards on the storyline to give a quick recap.
  • Watch it: We really love these God’s Story videos by Crossroads Kids’ Club and we’re grateful we can share them via YouTube.
  • Read it: On the web page there’s a short Bible reading. We encourage you to find it in a hard copy of the Bible too.
  • Quiz it: Talk through the questions on the web page. (Probably best if an adult leads this bit). The first question is a warm up. Some questions are fact finding others more applied. Sentences in bold give further information. ‘Quiz It’ should take about 7 mins, so keep it moving!
  • Pray it: Take a moment to be still and read the prayer. Pray It+ gives suggestions for more open prayer as a family.
  • Do it: This final suggestion gives a punchy and practical application.
  • Place it: Give the session card to one of the kids. Ask them to read the summary info on the back and then place it on the storyline.