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Read it

Exodus 20:1-4

God spoke, and these were his words: “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, where you were slaves. “Worship no god but me. “Do not make for yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth.”

Quiz it

  • What sport or game do you most enjoy playing or watching?
  • Name one important rule from your favourite sport. What happens if a player breaks that rule?

Imagine playing your favourite sport with no rules. It would be chaos and people would hurt themselves.

On route to the Promised Land, God gave the Israelites special laws to teach them how to be his people and live well together.

  • How many of the Ten Commandments can you remember?

Here’s a summary list.

  • How many did you guess as a family?

Worship no god but me.

Do not make for yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth. .

Do not use my name for evil purposes

Observe the Sabbath and keep it holy.

Respect your father and your mother.

Do not commit murder.

Do not commit adultery.

Do not steal.

Do not accuse anyone falsely.

Do not desire another man’s things.

  • Which commandment do you think is the most important?
  • If you were God, which commandment would seem most important?

While God was giving Moses the Commandments on top of Mount Sinai, the rest of the Israelites were busy breaking them at the bottom.

  • What did they do?
  • Which commandments did they break?

The golden calf was an idol that took God’s place.

  • What things can become more important than God in our lives?
  • How can we keep God in first place?

The first four commandments are all about loving God. The rest focus on how we should treat others.

  • Imagine if we all kept these commandments. How would the world be a better place?

Pick one commandment that you need to work on. Now with that in mind, let’s ask God to help us live his way.

Pray it

Dear God,

Thank you that your laws are for our good. Thank you that through Jesus you forgive us when we get things wrong. Please help me especially to keep this commandment [tell God which one]. Help me to put you first and to love other people.


Do it

God wrote the Ten Commandments on stone tablets. Find a rock or pebble and write on it the commandment you are working on.

Place it

Finally - have a look at the back of your card. What does it say? You can now place your card onto your story line.