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Matthew 5:1-6

Jesus saw the crowds and went up a hill, where he sat down. His disciples gathered round him, and he began to teach them:

“Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! Happy are those who mourn; God will comfort them! Happy are those who are humble; they will receive what God has promised! …Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them!”

Quiz it

Soon after Jesus was baptized, he started travelling around and teaching people about God’s kingdom

  • What’s the best lesson you have ever experienced and why?

When Jesus began to teach, huge crowds of people walked for miles to hear him. Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” was actually quite shocking. He started with sayings about how to live the happy life (also known as beatitudes).

  • Which of these happy sayings do you think is most surprising?

(We’ve put them in simple terms here.)

You’re happy when you’re desperate and out of options (spiritually poor)

You’re happy when you’ve lost things that seemed so precious (mourning)

You’re happy when you don’t think much of yourself anymore (humble)

You’re happy when you don’t hit back at those who hurt you (merciful)

  • Why might each of them unlock the way to true happiness?

  • Which would you like to see more of in your life?

    Jesus didn’t just teach about God’s kingdom he demonstrated it.

  • In what practical ways did Jesus show God’s love for people?

Jesus wants us not only to hear his lessons but also to put them into practice by loving others.

  • How can we be generous, humble, merciful and kind like Jesus and put others first today?

Pray it

Dear God,

Thank you for the amazing teaching of Jesus that is so surprising and challenging. Help us to live the happy life by putting you first, caring for others, and forgiving those who hurt us. Help us to share your love and change our world one person at a time.

Do it

Choose one of these key words from Jesus’ teaching and write it out creatively (bubble writing, graffiti, drawing, painting). Display it somewhere as a reminder.





Place it

Finally - have a look at the back of your card. What does it say? You can now place your card onto your story line.