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Luke 15v11-13, 17-20

Jesus went on to say, “There was once a man who had two sons. The younger one said to him, ‘Father, give me my share of the property now’… He went to a country far away, where he wasted his money in reckless living… At last he came to his senses and said, ‘All my father’s hired workers have more than they can eat, and here I am about to starve! I will get up and go to my father and say, “Father, I have sinned against God and against you. I am no longer fit to be called your son; treat me as one of your hired workers."’ So he got up and started back to his father. He was still a long way from home when his father saw him; his heart was filled with pity, and he ran, threw his arms round his son, and kissed him.”

Quiz it

Jesus told stories (parables) to capture people’s imaginations and challenge their hearts.

  • How many stories (parables) that Jesus told can you remember?

Jesus told a brilliant parable about two brothers and a father. One brother loved spending money.

  • If you had one million pounds what would you spend it on?

Surprisingly, the father gave an early inheritance to his son. He left home.

  • What happened next?
  • What lessons can we learn about money and happiness from the younger son’s experience?

The younger son reached a desperate and smelly place, feeding pigs.

  • If you were the father, how would you have responded to the son trying to come home? Why?
  • Using three words how would you describe the father?

In the parable, the father represents God.

  • What does his response to the younger son show us about what God is like?

The older brother felt angry that the younger brother had been let off the hook.

  • When are we tempted to feel like that?
  • Choose one word to describe each brother.

In the parable, if the father represents God, we are like one of the two brothers.

  • Which are you most like and why?

Pray it

Dear God,

Thank you that you are a loving and forgiving father. Help me to stay close to your side. Make me wise and generous and keep me from foolish decisions. Give me a welcoming attitude towards those who return to you.


Pray it + Using the words you chose to describe the father in the story, thank God for his character and attitude towards us.

Do it

This story deserves to be shared. Why not re-tell the story or share the video with someone else?

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Finally - have a look at the back of your card. What does it say? You can now place your card onto your story line.