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Numbers 14:6-9

And Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, two of the spies, tore their clothes in sorrow and said to the people, “The land we explored is an excellent land. If the LORD is pleased with us, he will take us there and give us that rich and fertile land. Do not rebel against the LORD and don’t be afraid of the people who live there. We will conquer them easily. The LORD is with us and has defeated the gods who protected them; so don’t be afraid.”

Quiz it

  • What would be your favourite place to live on planet earth and why?

God rescued Israel from slavery in Egypt, led them through the wilderness to the edge of Canaan. In the Bible this is called the Promised Land. Twelve spies went in to check it out for 40 days and came back with a report.

What made it such a great place to live?

What challenges would they face moving in?

So the land was full of big grapes but also big giants. Now Israel had a choice to make.

  • How many spies were afraid and said we cannot enter the land?
  • What were the names of the two spies who trusted God? (14 v.6)

Fear took over the Israelites’ hearts and stopped them from trusting God and enjoying the Promised Land.

  • What situations make you feel nervous and intimidated?
  • How can fear and worry stop us living a full life if we let it take over?

Joshua and Caleb saw the giants and would also have felt nervous.

  • But what did they understand that gave them total confidence? (14v. 8-9)

40 years later, Joshua finally led the next generation of Israelites into the Promised Land. They took down the giants and tucked into the grapes.

  • Why is life so much better if we put our confidence in God and step out in faith?

Pray it

As we pray let’s remind ourselves of what Joshua and Caleb said, “The LORD is with us…so don’t be afraid.”

Dear God,

Thank you that you are bigger than all my worries and you promise to be with me. I put my confidence in you. Help me not to give into fear but to step out in faith.


Do it

Memorise Joshua’s words and say them whenever you’re intimidated.

“The LORD is with us…so don’t be afraid.” Numbers 14v.9

Place it

Finally - have a look at the back of your card. What does it say? You can now place your card onto your story line.