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Genesis 37:3, 50:19-21

Jacob loved Joseph more than all his other sons, because he had been born to him when he was old. He made a long robe with full sleeves for him.

25 years (or so) go by…

But Joseph said to [his brothers], “Don’t be afraid; I can’t put myself in the place of God. You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are alive today because of what happened. You have nothing to fear. I will take care of you and your children.” So he reassured them with kind words that touched their hearts.

Quiz it

Which is your favorite piece of clothing and why?

Joseph’s father Jacob (renamed Israel, the wrestler) gave Joseph a special coat.

  • Why did that make his brothers mad and what did they do to him?

Once his brothers turned against him life got tricky for Joseph.

  • List all the tough things that happened to him.

Because Joseph knew God was in control he could forgive his brothers who hurt him.

  • When have you had to forgive someone who has hurt you?

While Joseph’s in prison Pharaoh had a dream involving cows. With God’s help Joseph unlocks the meaning of this dream.

  • What was it?

Things have been tricky for Joseph, but now he is made prime minister of Egypt.

  • How is God’s plan to save many lives worked out through him?

Joseph’s colourful story has a happy ending. He provides food for many nations. He is wealthy and powerful. He is reunited with his father, Jacob, and his eleven brothers - who all move down to live with him in Egypt with their families.

Joseph’s great-granddad (Abraham) was told by God that his descendants would become a “great nation” and be a “blessing”. (Genesis 12:2)

  • How is God’s plan beginning to work out?

Pray it

Thank you God that you have a good plan for my life, even when tough stuff happens. Help me to forgive those who hurt me. I trust you to work it all out.


Do it

Put on something colourful and remember God’s got a plan even when it’s tricky.

Place it

Finally - have a look at the back of your card. What does it say? You can now place your card onto your story line.